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The China Factory Audit service is designed to bring you full confidence in your suppliers before entering into contracts.

We help you substantiate the various claims made by suppliers as well as analyze the capabilities of potential suppliers.

A factory audit is usually carried out once the “supplier identification & shortlisting” process is complete and is an On-Site form of due-diligence especially on a new supplier.


Arranging a visit to the supplier’s premises – to ensure that the company is physically located there and carrying out an audit of their factory & production lines. This is done by trained auditors.

Verifying Their Identity

  • Checking & verifying the companies contact info and talking to their representatives
  • Verifying identity of legal representative of the supplier
  • Checking the relevant registration certificates of the company and checking the validity of these documents with the relevant departments to ensure that they are genuine.

Checking Their Competency

  • Reviewing factories production processes, such as Welding, Testing & Assembly.
  • Evaluating factories annual and seasonal production capabilities.
  • Evaluation factories export experience and capabilities, for e.g. checking export licenses as well as understanding the mix of domestic sales Vs. exports.
  • Checking & Evaluating factory’s manpower resources i.e. total number of workers, workers per production line, number of admin and sales staff, number of people in management, etc.

Ensuring Top Quality

  • Verifying existence of internal QA/QC Procedures and identities of relevant managers.
  • Checking third party certifications, such as ISO certifications.
  • Evaluation of Factory’s working hours and other working conditions of workers.
  • Checking company’s product documentation such as “quality control checklists” or “lab testing documentation”.

And many other reliability & existence checks are also available.

A report in PDF Format is submitted within 72 hours of the factory audit being completed.

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